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Graphically Entering Image Areas

Some of the camera features, such as Video Motion Window (VM), Obscure Image Area (OA), Exposure Windows, Custom Size and Free Zoom / Crop options use windows within the image sensors that you can define and modify for the corresponding image sensor or the visible image section using graphical means.

Defining New Windows

  1. Open the camera's Live image.
  2. Hold down the [Shift] key and left-click inside the displayed image with your mouse. This spot is highlighted in yellow.
  3. Release the [Shift] key and click on a second spot of the image area. The selected image area is now displayed as a yellow frame in the live image.
    Hold down the [Ctrl] key during this step to define a rectangle that has the same proportions as the current image format (default is 4:3).
  4. Then click on the button in the dialog to add the rectangle coordinates to the corresponding definition text field.

Note: Note that the MxAnalytics functions include the definition of counting corridors. In order to draw a corridor instead of a rectangle in the live image, keep [Ctrl+Shift] pressed and click in the live image. In order to define the direction and length of the counting corridor, hold down the [Shift] key and click again into the live image. The next click sets the width of the counting corridor. Then click on the button in the dialog to add the counting corridor definition to the corresponding definition field.


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