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JPEG Settings

Open the JPEG Settings dialog to activate MxPEG, define the JPEG quality and set other options for the camera's JPEG images.


Description of Parameters

Parameter Description
Video Codec

If you enable MxPEG, the camera creates a stream using MOBOTIX' own video compression scheme. MxPEG allows for large-format live videos at extremely low network load (1% at 100 Mbps).

For viewing and storing the stream, you need MxControlCenter for Windows. You can download the application directly from the MOBOTIX website in the Support > Software Downloads section. Use the same link to download the newest version of MxControlCenter.

See also: The MxControlCenter
The MxPEG ActiveX Plug-in for Internet Explorer
JPEG Quality Select the image quality of the JPEG image.
Values: 10 .. 90 %
The factory default setting is 60%.
JPEG User Comment

Enter your own text which is stored as comment in the header of every JPEG file.


  • The comment will not be visible in the image itself. For entering visible text, open the Text and Display Settings dialog.
  • The comment is limited to 64 characters.
JPEG Comment Text (CT) Text messages received via the serial interface or the IP Receive (RC) event can be integrated in the header of a JPEG image. You can reserve up to 64 characters for the comment.

If the EXIF data have been activated, the camera adds an Exif comment to all generated JPEG images. Among other data, the Exif comment contains exposure information and the timestamps when the images had been recorded. If the camera has access to GPS data, these will also be included in the Exif data as a so-called "geo tag".

By default, the timestamps in the Exif comment are stored as UTC (world time). If you want to use the local camera time instead, add the line jpegcomment_exif_time=cameratime to the SECTION imageimprover the camera configuration. To switch back to UTC, change this line in the camera configuration to jpegcomment_exif_time=utc.

Konfiguration sichern

Klicken Sie auf Setzen, um die Einstellungen zu aktivieren und bis zum nächsten Neustart der Kamera zu sichern.

Klicken Sie auf Voreinstellung, um diesen Dialog auf die werkseitigen Voreinstellungen zurückzusetzen (dieser Button wird nicht in allen Dialogen angezeigt).

Klicken Sie auf Wiederherstellen, um alle Änderungen seit dem letzten permanenten Speichern der Konfiguration zu verwerfen.

Beenden Sie den Dialog durch Klick auf Schließen. Hierbei wird geprüft, ob Änderungen der Gesamtkonfiguration vorliegen. Ist dies der Fall, werden Sie gefragt, ob die Gesamtkonfiguration dauerhaft gesichert werden soll.

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