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Download Camera Report for Support

The Download Camera Report provides a method for collecting specific information regarding the camera status for the MOBOTIX support team. The camera creates an e-mail file (file name extension .eml) that contains the information of the selected sections; this file can be sent using an e-mail application.

Description of the Report Sections

Section Description
Camera Info Includes the current camera status in the report.
Live Image Includes the current live image in the report.
Event Image Includes the last event image in the report.
Image Profile Includes an image according to the image profile in the report.
Camera Configuration Includes the camera configuration in the report.
Full Camera Report Includes a file with extended internal information on the camera status in the report. This report includes the following sections (you do not need to add them manually): System Messages, Web Server logfile, Storage Failure logfile and VoIP logfiles.
System Messages Includes the system messages in the report.
Web Server Logfile Includes the web server logfile in the report.
Storage Failure Log Includes the log of the storage failure detection in the report.
VoIP Logfiles Includes the VoIP logfile and the status in the report.
Graphics and Sound Files Includes the graphics and sound files from the media archive in the report.
SSL Certificates and Keys Includes the SSL certificates and private keys of the camera in the report.
Note: From a cryptographic point of view, these certificates/keys are considered compromized and must not be used any more.
JSON-based API Includes the status and information of the JSON-based API, including the JSON configuration in the report.
Remove Passwords Deletes all stored passwords from the camera report.
Note: Only include the passwords, if this is absolutely necessary for solving a support case.

Activate the desired sections, click on Download and save the report file on your computer. Open the file in an e-mail application and send the e-mail to the MOBOTIX support team (for further information, please go to the MOBOTIX website and open the Support section).

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